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Is your business using generative AI to its full potential?

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White Paper Contents

  1. AI & LLMs: a primer
  2. LLMs in personal finance
  3. Challenges
  4. Overcoming the challenges
  5. Predictions & recommendations
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Learn what's holding others back

We've asked dozens of companies what's holding them back from making the leap towards financial advice automation. Don't let what's holding others back be your downfall.

Get ahead of your competitors with our in-depth guide to generative AI.

Access the unique insights of our CTO and experts from across the advice industry, to discover:

  • How large language models like ChatGPT work
  • How you can use them to deliver financial advice
  • How to confront the challenges AI adoption can bring
In a world of digital storefronts, generative AI will become key to making sales and building long-term customer relationships. Download the whitepaper today and get set for the future of financial advice. 

"As Multiply rightly points out, the potential of tools like ChatGPT is vast, but their impact is contingent upon responsible integration and governance. Get this right, and the potential is there for a world where personal finance is accessible and comprehensible to all."

- Alice Bentinck MBE, Co-founder, Entrepreneur First & Code First: Girls

"An excellent paper for financial services executives who want a better understanding of the applications, and pitfalls, of deploying ChatGPT and other LLMs in their offerings."

- Kendrick Wakeman, Co-founder and CEO, WealthTech Strategy Partners

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This invaluable resource is entirely free and has been meticulously reviewed by industry experts. Created with dedication and expertise by the team at Multiply, we invite you to embark on this enlightening journey with us. Share your experiences and future visions by emailing Your insights could be featured in an upcoming LinkedIn article.